Saturday, 2 November 2013

Am I reliable ?

This week, I am attending SOSP !
I will present a paper at the HotDep workshop. This work was done with my former master student Huynh Tu Dang during its internship. The paper is about the reliability of placement algorithm when they perform reconfigurations.

Basically, it shows that we suck (well, or at least I suck) at developing placement constraints because we usually develop constraints that restrict the placement at the end of the reconfiguration process. This leads to temporary failures. The good point is that using BtrPlace, it is easy to implement continuous constraints that ensure there will be no violations, event during the reconfiguration.

As usual, the paper is available on my website. The slides of the talk will be available shortly.

Next post will be about the european project DC4Cities that started in september !

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Btrplace fundaments: the no longer cursed paper

I am pushing for the practical interests of flexible VM manager since about 5 years now. In fact, I have started to talk about that during my Phd. thesis. 

Since about 3 years now, I tried to write a good paper about this subject and the fundaments of my research prototype Btrplace. After tons of rejections, and even more tons of improvements, my paper finally passes the wall. It has been accepted to a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing related to Cloud Computing assessment. The manuscript should appear in April 2013. The preprint is however already available here.

Last, I am currently at the national conference COMPAS. Yesterday, I talked about Btrplace at the workshop on SLA Management in Cloud Computing. The slides are available here.